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    [ppb_card_two_cols_with_image size=”one” title=”Dining Experience” slug=”” subtitle=”” image=”” image_width=”65″ align=”left” image_lightbox=”enable” content_width=”40″ padding=”50″ bgcolor=”” bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”” custom_css=”” ]When the folkway meets the contemporary cuisine, Lithos Signature dishes come to life. Our chef has blended traditional and modern cooking techniques to create a tasting menu focusing primarily on the region’s produce, allowing you to taste flavors that have been enjoyed by the region’s inhabitants for thousands of years. But dining experience is not only exceptional dishes. It’s mainly the spirit of the restaurant, what people bring to the “table”, from the warm hospitality and the incomparable view to the history that the building carries. Let us lead you on a gastronomic journey showcasing the best flavors of the area and at the same time let the intimate setting influence you for an easy interaction and free flowing conversations with plenty of laughter from the moment you arrive.[/ppb_card_two_cols_with_image]

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    Authentic taste of Crete

    What do the Venetians and the Cretans have in common? The town of Chania. A magical blend of cultures which come together with respect to the elements that each one brings, creating an unforgettable experience.

    Venetians designed the scenery and Cretans brought the flavors. Extra virgin olive oil, pure ingredients which are locally produced, fresh fish, vivid vegetables and Greek wines, wait for you to taste them.

    Nevertheless “Lithos” has more to offer to a traveler. From the welcoming atmosphere to the hospitable locals, “Lithos” keeps the tradition even for the basics. Crete is famous for its friendly people who genially respect the visitors treating them as part of their family and this is exactly what we aim to accomplish. A restaurant so graceful that you will feel like home.

    But what does “Lithos” mean? Lithos in Greek means stone and the restaurant took its name from the stones that were built on. These stones were part of a castle wall, built on the 16th century around the city to protect the island from the pirates.
    Concluding, what makes “Lithos” different and a must destination? History, tradition, local flavors and aromas, fine drinks, hospitality and a panoramic view of the harbor. Authentic dishes with the Venetian finesse.


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