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    [ppb_card_two_cols_with_image size=”one” title=”Our Story” slug=”our-story” subtitle=”” image=”” image_width=”65″ align=”left” image_lightbox=”enable” content_width=”40″ padding=”40″ bgcolor=”#896a63″ bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”#ffffff” custom_css=”padding: 50px 0 70px 0 !important;” ]What do the Venetians and the Cretans have in common? The town of Chania. A magical blend of cultures which come together with respect to the elements that its one brings, creating an unforgettable experience. Venetians designed the scenery and Cretans brought the flavors. Extra virgin olive oil, pure ingredients which are locally produced, fresh fish, vivid vegetables and Greek wines, wait for you to taste them. We have tried to create a menu that could be traditional, modern and at the same time harmonized with the environment. Our desire is to give you the chance to experience the tastes and the scents of Crete’s villages with class, simplicity and the least food treatment as the era’s culinary demands. Especially when you blend this desire with the abundance given to us by nature, Lithos creates a unique dining experience for you.[/ppb_card_two_cols_with_image]

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    [ppb_card_two_cols_with_image size=”one” title=”Enjoying by the sea” slug=”” subtitle=”” image=”” image_width=”65″ align=”right” image_lightbox=”enable” content_width=”40″ padding=”40″ bgcolor=”#896a63″ bordercolor=”” fontcolor=”#ffffff” custom_css=”padding: 70px 0 70px 0 !important;” ]In Lithos Restaurant we serve our guests for more than 20 years and we bring them close to the Cretan culinary traditions. With flavours, aromas and an atmosphere from all over the Mediterranean, we expect to give you delicious recipes but with a twist! Our friendly stuff in combination with our dishes made with care and love and the breathtaking view of the harbour, create an ideal dining set.

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